Black Hat VS White Hat

Black Hat is a cheating way of promoting websites to reach a high position, but when it is proved, websites will be immediately deleted. Whereas, White Hat is a right way of promoting websites for bringing websites to the higher positions permanently

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Black Hat VS White Hat

Web Promotion is divided into two categories: White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO

White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO is a sort of SEO with premium quality according to several rules which Search Engine comments on shall be as following :

  • avoid hidden text or hidden links
  • avoid Doorway
  • No spam keyword
  • do not duplicate content
  • do not cloaking or sneaky redirects

Black Hat SEO (SEO หมวกสีดำ)

Black Hat SEO is a kind of SEO using several techniques which does not follow appropriateness and is the contrary of White Hat SEO. (Strongly recommend to not use it!)

In addition to those two categories, nowadays one none-official sort of SEO is introduced called Gray Hat SEO which combines a part of White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO.

Example of Black Hat SEO is Spam Keyword which shall be formed by sentences containing plenty of keywords. Although, Black Hat SEO can result quickly, it is only in a short term. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to use White Hat SEO for a good result in a long term.

Useful vocabularies

  • Hidden Text is a way of hiding content can not be seen by human being but robot from Search Engine such as colouring alphabet and background in the same colour.
  • Hidden Links is a way of hiding links can not be seen by human being but robot from Search Engine such as using style="display: none" to cover Hyperlinks.
  • Spam Keyword is a way of building web face fully of keywords.
  • Duplicate Content is a way of duplicating web faces to increase web pages of low quality.
  • Doorway is to send a robot from Search Engine to pages containing keywords before displaying results on web with contents.
  • Cloaking is to show different results on web called by robot from Search Engine and viewers. (Show one result to human being and another to robot)
  • Sneaky Redirects are result changes from one page to another with high speed.

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