Pay-Per-Click Advertisement

A service of Pay-Per-Click online advertisement is a sort of a pay online advertisement. Google AdWords is our partner in which we put advertisement and payment is requested if your advertisement is clicked. Yet, when your advertisement is only viewed without any click, payment is not made.

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Pay-Per-Click Advertisement

Pay-Per-Click or PPC is a pay online advertisement when it is clicked. Google AdWords is our partner created by Google which is the search engine number 1 in the world. When our target group types a keyword searched in Google which matches the keyword we set, our advertisement will appear in a space on top of your right hand side (a part of sponsor links). Whenever the advertisement is clicked, it will be linked immediately to the website we set. Payment will be only requested if the advertisement is clicked. Yet, when your advertisement is only viewed without any click, payment will not be made.

Advantages of Pay-Per-Click

  • AdWords can quickly show website advertisement within 10 minutes.
  • AdWords gives opportunity for people to get to know business better.
  • No waste of time to adjust websites.
  • Low budget in comparison with the upcoming results.
  • Daily results evaluate.
  • The rule of SEO can be ruled out. (Search Engine Optimization).
  • AdWords increases quality of the websites and the number of viewers.
  • AdWords can expand markets domestic and international with countryselection.

Why using Google AdWords to promote web?

  • Domestic market selection only or several countries or every countries.
  • All languages for your target group are available.
  • Can decide if the results will be shown in Google only, all Google service (Google Content Network) and Google's partners.
  • Time-saving for adjusting websites.
  • Time flexibility to show the results.
  • Unlimited keywords to search.
  • Daily budget control.
  • Immediate change in keywords and advertisement contents in both English and Thai at any time.

Why will you be using Google AdWords with us?

  • Our capability to show your advertisement on top of your left hand side higher than the first position which SEO can do.
  • Our experienced and professional team with AdWords, Online Marketing and E-commerce for more than 10 years.
  • Our nice and pleasant staff team who are always be of any help around the clock.
  • Trust in us by our customers from private-run and state-run sections.

Our working procedure

  • Analyse and introduce websites to aim the target group.
  • Analyse and select the most suitable keyword which has the most searchable rate.
  • Analyse market competitors.
  • Compose a copy writing for titles and description.
  • Analyse and manage daily and monthly budget.
  • Weekly report.

Our Phuket SEO

Promote website:
Keyword: villa services
Ranking: 1-10 of about 62,300,000 lists

Promote website:
Keyword: andaman
Ranking: 1-5 of about 4,780,000 lists

Promote website:
Keyword: phuket wedding
Ranking: 1-20 of about 515,000 lists

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